5 books around Halloween to read this October!

We commemorate and celebrate many events during October… October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but also Halloween! A month can hold different activities, but since mid-September, we have seen the Instagram filters turn orange, Starbucks undusted their pumpkin spice latte, and many of us undusted the Halloween customs!

But, why? Why customs, candy, and spooks? Well, as we know well in history, most of our current celebrations are based on pagan traditions or a mix of old and new traditions. Halloween comes from the Samhain, a Celtic festival, where people light bonfires and wear CUSTOMS to ward off ghosts… That is why we dress up and why it is spooky… although it has changed a lot since. As a matter of fact, on November 1st, people used that day to honor all saints, and the day previous, it was called “All Hallows Eve”, which is Halloween… So, you could dare say that Halloween is not what it used to be!

So, in honor of the customs, the spooks, horrors, and ghosts, we have come up with a list of books made just for you and this Hallows Eve!!

The Hidden History of Holidays by The Great Courses

Let’s begin to know more about All Hallows Eve and this Audible Original title! As part of the Great Courses series, Dr. Harvey turns the spotlight on the histories of American and international holidays, and listeners will discover the answers to many questions around Halloween, Christmas, New Year’s, Father’s Day, and more!

Hallowe’en Party: A Hercule Poirot Mystery by Agatha Christie

Some mystery and crime! Perfect for those tales of candy with razors and needles!

At a Hallowe’en party, Joyce – a hostile thirteen-year-old – boasts that she once witnessed a murder. When no one believes her, she storms off home. But within hours her body is found, still in the house, drowned in an apple-bobbing tub.

Halloween by John Passarella

How haven’t you watched one of those movies that are now cult movies? Part of popular culture and tradition for many to watch during this day!

In 1978, Laurie Strode survived an encounter with Michael Myers, a masked figure who killed her friends and terrorized the town of Haddonfield, Illinois, on Halloween night. Myers was later gunned down, apprehended, and committed to Smith’s Grove State Hospital.

But 40 years of nightmares and trauma have followed Laurie until today when Michael Myers escapes the hospital!

The Halloween Tree by Ray Bradbury

But 40 years of nightmares and trauma have followed Laurie until today when Michael Myers escapes the hospital!

On Halloween night, eight trick-or-treaters gather at the haunted house by the edge of town, ready for adventure. But when something whisks their friend Pip away, only one man, the sinister Carapace Clavicle Moundshroud, can help the boys find him.

A treat for all readers! Ray Bradbury takes us on this classic adventure of scary stories, mysteries, and the paranormal!

Halloween Fiend by C.V. Hunt

Maybe this is an unpopular book, something nobody knows about, an underground and diamond in the rough find! So even better that it will be unique!

Strang isn’t the small, quaint town it appears to be. It’s haunted every night by a creature the townsfolk refer to as Halloween.

Once the sun sets each day, Halloween emerges to collect its treats: a small, live offering from each household. The residents comply because no one wants to be the target of Halloween’s tricks.

But the nightmare of residing in Strang is nothing compared to the yearly ritual Halloween demands of the citizens on All Hallows’ Eve.

Halloween can be fun! Can be horrifying and can even be educational! Regardless of why you like it, make sure to enjoy it, and the more you know about a holiday, the better! Enjoy your reading!

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