17 Best Gifts for Book Lovers

Ready to get the bookish gifts that are perfect for the bibliophile in your life? Then jump aboard! If you are looking for luxury gifts for book lovers, you have reached the right place to do so! Here in Inkish Kingdoms, we have inexpensive gifts for book lovers! 

Here you can find personalized gifts for readers, and if you can’t find them, you can ask for them and we will try to help you find the perfect book or the perfect merch! So let’s check out some of these amazing gifts!

Personalized Gifts for Readers

This section is perfect for those that are looking for unconventional gifts for bookworms! So why not try gifts for book lovers that aren’t books? This list below has tote bags to carry your books, reading journals, and pillows inspired in books to decore and personalize their reading nooks and places! 

If you get these gifts, you will not only make a great gift, but you will also help a small designer to get by! Gifts are great books, but you know what is more thoughtful? Gifts around books show that you are not just trying to get out of the way! Also, if you know more about their reading obsession, we can design something else for them at no cost! 

Kindle Unlimited Gifting Deals

Give the love of reading to your loved ones!

There isn’t anything like reading without restriction and without paying extra! Yes, you can read unlimited with a specific catalog, but still, it is all you can read!! And they usually have free audiobooks, so it is perfect for reading and listening simultaneously! Also, with your Kindle Oasis, you can do it freely without stress! 

Kindle Unlimited has millions of ebooks! The catalog changes constantly by adding best sellers and well-known ebooks, so there is always something fresh! However, you can help a lot of self-published authors and indie-published authors!

Note: if you would rather buy this for yourself, then go ahead! The same pricing but for you! GET IT NOW!

Audible Gift Memberships

Give the love of losing oneself in stories that matter!

I have had Audible for almost 7 years, and I haven’t considered canceling… not even once… I couldn´t live without audiobooks! They change my life! I can’t do anything without audiobooks, and there is nothing like doing something while listening to a book!

The idea of walking my dog while listening to a story! Now they have these audio shows that are small chapters that I can cramp into my idle work time or my coffee break! With this yearly gift, they will give you all credits upfront so be mindful! 💖💖 Also, remember that on my Instagram I have weekly videos about my best recommendations if you want to give this gift with a list of audiobooks or shows!

You see, I have done all the work for you!

Kindle Oasis Essentials Bundle

Kindle Oasis Essentials Bundle including Kindle Oasis (Graphite), Amazon Leather Cover, and Power Adapter

The Mustang of book readers up to 2022! It was an incredible option before, and it is still one, but this time is even cheaper! Almost 50% off from the last time I saw them! This will be a great gift for a friend and even me if you are feeling generous! Just kidding! 

This bundle is incredible because the Oasis alone is $180, and you can listen, read, or even do both! The amount of storage allows you to have multiple audiobooks at the same time… so no restriction! It has a built-in light to read at night! It is waterproof for your beach reading days, and you can change the tone to sepia when reading at night, or even turn on the night mode on it! Just the perfect gift for an avid reader, just make sure they like e-reading!

Books Gift Guide

If you are not a book fanatic like we are, finding a good book for a friend or a partner might be challenging, so you can always check out our selection! Remember that we only review the best of the best! 

However, you can also check the Amazon Editors’ Picks and best books of the year so far! If you are looking for one single book, you can get one from the list 📚📚📚!

Personalized Gifts for Readers

It is so difficult for a non-avid reader to buy and hit the mark for a gift to a book reader! So I offer you my humble services! I assure you that all options above are great for a book lover! But if you want to give a more curated gift, I can do it for you! If you know what their favorite book is, favorite character, or favorite TV show, … let me know! And I can find you the perfect gift! Or I can even design it free of charge! Want a tote? Want a pillow? Want a reading journal? Tell me, and I will design it for you! Add in the comments all the info you have from the person, and I will do the magic, research, and selection for you!

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