Project Hail Mary ― Andy Weir ―”Human beings have a remarkable ability to accept the abnormal and make it normal.”

I am a big fan of sci-fi books! They are intriguing and clever, and sometimes so complicated, making me burn a few neurons to get through the story, but some other books are less complex but as enjoyable! If you are looking for books like The Martian by Andy Weir, you should read Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir.

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I listened to this audiobook with some of my coworkers because we are book lovers and audiobook fans, and we only found Project Hail Mary on since it is an Audible exclusive, and let me tell you that we all fell head over heels for this book.

Andy Weir’s writing style comes from other galaxies! His craft with words, stories, and characters astonishes me whenever I pick one of his books. You know that with both Project Hail Mary and The Martian the characters will carry the weight of the story, your ability to understand it, and love it.

The perfect balance of intrigue, action, stress, suspense and comedy makes his novels a perfect time trap where you will give up any other responsibility to focus on what matters: Project Hail Mary and saving humanity. However, our focus changes later on in the novel when Weir starts loading the events, actions, and interactions with so many emotions, that stopping becomes an undertaking.

Although the audiobook takes like 16 hours to finish since the book is around 500 pages, there is no way that you will take more than a week to finish this novel. Weir’s mastery of storytelling, research, and even science can only demonstrate that not all stories have been written, and a unique voice will make you a bestselling author and a winner of the GR popularity contest from when it was published.

In other news, we had no doubts that Project Hail Mary has the value to hit the big screen with a juggernaut force when directed properly and with a fair amount of fidelity to the original work. Although in In The Martian, Matt Damon did a good job portraying Mark Watney, the performance and the overall movie lack the peculiarities that made the book a hit. Although dull at some points with a lack of humor relief, The Martian did not have the same force as the book, and while writing this review, we only hope for the directors and the production team, including Ryan Gosling as Ryland Grace, to carry on with the humor and the quirkiness that only Andy Weir can make palpable in his writing when filming Project Hail Mary.

Hilarious, fascinating, and a must-read, Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir deserves every single adaptation, praise, and hype the reading community and that the media can muster.

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