6 Celebrity Books to Read!

In a world of entertainment TikTok and reality shows, celebrities are a source of entertainment, with unique personalities, tone-deft and selfish behaviors, and usually, a lot to talk about.

But not only are they the result of this society in which its priorities are questionable, but they also have strange powers to change how many people see the world and how industries behave for bad or good, so in this list, we dive into the world of celebrity memoirs and their best books to read in 2023!

Keep in mind that these are best enjoyed with Audible! They all narrate their own lives, which makes it even more personal and entertaining!

You’re That Bitch & Other Cute Lessons About Being Unapologetically Yourself by Bratman Rock

Bretman Rock is the OG social media celebrity! Reaching jet-setting fame and becoming sessions at 14, Bretman narrates through how-tos, essays, and other hilarious tales how he became the internet’s best friend by being authentic, and honest to himself, and how he overcame the world.

Paris: The Memoir by Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton is the OG reality star! Creating a character that allowed her to exploit her personality, brain, and the minds of a whole generation, Paris became the founder, entrepreneur, trendsetter (founder of the selfie), activist, model, cover girl, and more importantly for her sister, wife, and mom. Who is Paris Hilton and how did she fool the wold? Let’s hear it from her!

Spare by Prince Harry The Duke of Sussex

If you like drama, mystery, conspiracy theories, the royal family, and stories that maybe you were fine without knowing about them, Spare is for you! A boy born to bare the weight of a century-old reign, son of the next to the crow and the most beloved princess of all times, Harry known as the carefree one and the happy-go-lucky changed completely with the death of his mother. In this book, we get to know him more closely as he narrates his life and how the crown becomes his biggest antagonist.

Pageboy: A Memoir by Elliot Page

Elliot Page has launched into success with the beloved film: Juno! In this memoir, he narrates his life story from how the career that became an escape from reality, a dream, turned to be a nightmare that was bent on destroying him. He narrates how he navigated criticism and abuse from Hollywood, and how he was forced into binarism and struggled with defining and showing how he was. Someone that he always knew he had inside of him, a story of a journey of self-expression, defiance, strength, and joy.

Diva 2.0 by Sheryl Lee Ralph

Sheryl Lee Ralph from Abbott Elementary has come to delight us with 12 life lessons from her and her career. In this novel, we will see behind the scenes of stage, screen, and media to discover what a true Diva must know. Super personal stories and recollections, Sheryl reveals the rollercoaster of stardom, the heartbreaks, and its triumphs.

Love, Pamela: A Memoir of Prose, Poetry, and Truth by Pamela Anderson

In his memoir, Pamela Anderson breaks the mold: she tells her story and also tells us poetry. The 1990s bombshell rocketed into fame becoming Playboy’s favorite cover. We will also learn about how she became an emblem in Hollywood in terms of glamour and sexuality. However, not everything is flowers and glamour because she will also narrate how she lose grip on her life and how Hollywood creates an image of who Pamela is when in reality was not the real Anderson.

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