Editorial Review: The Solar Realm: Ascending Heir by PM Black | Inkish Kingdoms

With no mother, orb, or control, Jenanine struggles to survive while attempting to save the rest of the Imperial realm. The Cumeran Shara-La army attacked, and, thanks to Kora, Jenanine managed to escape but, right after, the Shara-La fell under the power of the demons who are attempting to conquer the realm and bring everybody to their knees. Desperate and almost decimated, Jenanine Blackwater’s only survival is to push through and convince everybody that their motives are irrelevant in front of the undeniable threat, and what is worst is that Kora, the powerful and unbeatable slayer whose purpose was to save her life, is now trying to kill her.

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PM Black managed with tremendous skill to compose a complex story of multiple characters, political powers, and greed. In a Machiavellian manner, Black writes her novel in small chapters that make you go further under the excuse of one more chapter hooking you to the story instantaneously. However, what grabs you with vicious force are the multiple events that come and go with cliffhanger chapters. As the story progresses and the chapters go down in number, the story keeps speeding up luring you to finish as soon as possible.

In this fantasy novel, Black creates an extensive universe with dragons, demons, blood-sucking monsters, benders of the elements, and deadly warriors. In a constant struggle for power and world domination, all parties have different motives and intentions, but, in the best style of The Hobbit, the only way to defeat the demons and save the realm is by working together, which is an undertaking on its own. Throughout the novel, Black puts the reader at the edge of their sanity with intense wars, heavy losses, and insane displays of massive power and destruction. Additionally, through the development of each character and their respective arcs, The Ascending Heir allows the reader to understand most of the characters personally while still worrying about their survival.

Imaginative and with marvelous execution, PM Blacks delivers one of the best fantasy novels that we have ever read. A novel is full of passion, intense battles, and anguish that will keep you awake past your bedtime since you cannot stop even if your life is at risk.

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