Inkish Kingdoms’ mission is to spread the word of literature through literary content so readers around the globe can understand better the art of reading.

Our Mission

This literary site is a constellation of thoughts that come out of those hundreds, thousands, millions of books that today helped us build our empire: Inkish Kingdoms. A litterateur and an internationalist, that once dreamed a kingdom and today write on it. “Once you learn to read, you will be forever free” (Frederick Douglass).

Our History

We are entrepreneurs whose main business are editorial book reviews and literary content. Inkish Kingdoms was founded, back in 2017 as a blog, by a literature graduate and brought to life by an International Affairs graduate. Our team is made of two professionals: a Master in Digital Marketing and a Bachelor’s degree in English, and by an International Affairs graduate with experience in Project Management.

Our Business

Inkish Kingdoms makes all its content available to the millions of people around the globe that look for an escape of the daily routine and problems of the world through kingdoms of fantasy and fiction. As a small organization, we are able to stay afloat through affiliate selling of literary products, and donations of our great readers through PayPal and other platforms like (Buy me a Coffee).


    1. Aww that’s so sweet and so nice! I hope you like what I share and write! I will totally be keeping an eye on your blog and other platforms :3
      We should all share the love! I am 100% honest here x3

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      1. Honey bum- that´s what this is all about! Being honest and sharing the love 🙂 Now, I gotta check out more of your reviews. No one´s gonna read them for me ( although, wouldn´t that be a fab idea? * wipe tears away* ❤

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      2. Haha have a bunch of little minions doing half of my tasks ❤ lovely idea haha I am happy we share that then! :3 knock yourself out! I will be totally doing the same :3

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