What is a trade review?

Traditional publishing will handle most of the background work to market or sell a book. One of the many strategies to market a book consists of trading book reviews. Trade book reviews are the book reviews that come from prestigious readers, authors, companies, newspapers, professional readers, and influential people in the field. Usually, publishers and editors add trade reviews on the detail pages of booksellers like Amazon, and publishers could even add them to the front or back cover of the book.

Example of a Trade Review:

“Thrilling… Great Circle grasps for and ultimately teachers something extraordinary”

The New York Time Book Review

Why do you need trade book reviews?

The purpose of trade book reviews is to give a good word of the book that will then lead to people buying and reading the book. If prestigious readers are talking about the book, and publishers add these reviews to the detail page or book cover, potential readers will use these testimonials to buy or not the book. Trade book reviews work as a mechanism to boost the book and its online presence. 

Why is Inkish Kingdoms the best book review site?

Inkish Kingdoms is the best trading book review site! We count an online community of avid and potential readers of around 4k people, an average engagement rate on Instagram of 5.45%, and an account reach by an average of 9k in the last three months. Our site is constantly being visited by an average of 2.5k people monthly and going up! 

Inkish Kingdoms also provides unbiased, honest, respectful commentary on your book through our trade book reviews. We aim to highlight the value of your hard work by doing book reviews of your novel. We create and format these to include them on either of the covers of your book. However, for a greater impact, add these reviews:

  • Your author’s website.
  • Your social media channels (Twitter, Facebook Page, Instagram, and so on).
  • On the Editorial Review section on the detail page in online retail stores like Amazon.
  • Any marketing campaign.

We understand that the expenses when trying to market your work might be high, and, for that reason, Inkish Kingdoms accepts:

  • ePub files
  • PDF files

So no printing or shipping charges are involved.

Trade Book Review

  1. Please be aware that all trade book reviews will be unbiased, honest, respectful, and professional. This service does not translate into a recommendation to read the book nor a high-star rating.*
  2. We receive payment through PayPal. However, contact us before you making any payment to review:
    1. Time deliveries
    2. Genre compatibilities**
    3. Book length
  3. Inkish Kingdoms reviews books on their multiple social media accounts, and our website.
  4. Inkish Kingdoms will share the review on social media. Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, and reading sites/ communities

Majesty Review

* Pages 0 to 399. * Review on retail sites * Book photos (IG, FB) * Social Media reading updates


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  • For books that are longer that 400 pages, please contact us first.
  • We will share the review on a PDF document before publication. The last decision to publish the review will be yours. (This does not mean that we will change it.)
  • *This service is not refundable.
  • Make sure to contact us before making any payment to check time deliverables.

Picture Samples

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Small Review Sample

Yessoh G.D. molded a fantastic novel that adventures into a realm of sorcery, evil, action and rich characters.

Inkish Kingdoms


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