Is it really the Fault in Our Stars?


There’s a fact in life: there’s no way for us to deeply know what happiness is without first feeling sadness. By this, I mean, we could know what being happy is without suffering, but if we suffer, that after-happiness will always have a better taste. It’s like when you go to an ice cream shop and you ask for your favorite flavor: chocolate for example (mine is strawberry I think so), but you don’t feel 100% satisfied until two months later you go to a second but very nice ice cream shop and you find THAT chocolate ice cream, that, like Gus (one of the characters of this book) said, you’d like to take to Las Vegas and marry it.

I’ve heard many opinions about this book, ones say that this book is a romantic cliché, but I have to say that I disagree with this opinion. This book simply has a very different type of love and not because the main characters are sick, but because they know that in life we suffer, they simply understood that it’s a lot better to let it flow instead of denying it.

One of the narrative elements that I love the most is that John Green has created a story that gives you the consciousness of understanding that you don’t have to suffer by someone who doesn’t love you or doesn’t worth it, but you can wisely choose the person that you will suffer with not on purpose. I know, it sounds awful, but let’s not deny it: we all have suffered but when we find that person that sincerely doesn’t want to harm us, we continue and we forgive and forget.

This book explains that suffering is not that bad, that you must understand, as Gus’ dad says: “you must learn to love the rain because it gives you the rainbow”.

This book has so many scientific and philosophical facts, that will change your life perspective, I swear. They learned that between 1 and 2 there is an infinite amount of numbers, as well as between 1 and 3 the infinite amount of numbers is bigger, but the one between 1 and 2 is still an infinite. That was so deep, to see that when you’re in love with someone, as Hazel wisely said, “you gave to me an infinity within counted days”.

At the end, you question yourself about the relation between this book and “An Imperial Affliction” that book that Hazel loved so much. The second one finishes and Hazel wants to know more about the story and that’s exactly when this one finishes, you want to know more and more about it.

But also, the movie maker was able to perfectly transmit (with few changes) the soul of this book to the screen. And I have to say that I cried so much with this movie, but not because of sadness, but because they were so happy, that they inspire you to every day find new ways to keep on being happy.

The soundtrack for the movie is simply AMAZING, especially the ones from M8, Birdy, Charlie XCX, Tom Odell and Jake Bugg.


So go ahead, read this book, watch the movie, and listen to the soundtrack. Let your feelings come out, because “the pain demands to be felt” in that way we can continue and make of our lives another infinite.

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