Editorial Book Review: Sent For Life by Jason Turri | Inkish Kingdoms

Sent for Life guides us through a journey of bad decisions taken by Donovan to an amazing and intergalactic adventure. Marked by misfortune, the main character is literally hunt by bad luck or just faith. An incredible story that proves that what does not kill you, makes you stronger – Inkish Kingdoms

Sent for Life.jpgI was honored by the author of this book to do this review under his request. I was so excited when he gave to me a copy of the book! *hyperventilates*

Once I got home and saw the cardboard box laying there… I knew it was time for a deep sci-fi adventure. I even stopped reading all other things that I was reading… even for college… *choices*

The story, I must grant, is full of twists. It takes you all the way in hopes and then plunges us down to reality and to disappointment. Do not get me wrong, what I mean with disappointment is for the character per se. Let me elaborate on this. He makes so many mistakes, makes so many bad turns… takes so many stupid decisions… Turri intended to create a character  that based on his poor choices in life, will end up in the right and wrong place for the sake of all.

Turri creates such a great character, so real, and so arrogant on his own hypocrite selflessness, that you can root for him, hope his death, and yell his name for saving us all. The main character, Donovan, is so well developed. He is a scientist with a high ego and high self-esteem… weird for a scientist… *sarcasm*. The book has a first person narrative, and his word choice not only enhances the fact of this “superiority” and scientist background, but also makes him a bit annoying as he tries so hard to sound smart and under control.

Adding some more on the character, this is a 38 years old grown up man, whose more savage and biological instincts will bloom in the presence of a pretty women. He becomes almost unable to control himself (I even thought that he suffers from some sort of pathology). He sees one pretty woman and he falls in love and forgets about the previous one… just like Ted in How I Met Your Stupid Mother… (I do hate that show) It seems that he worked under sexual instincts mostly sexualizing all women around.

The story is narrated in a linear time (mind the time). Event X happens and event X finishes leading to even Y that happened because of event Z that happened because event X and ended and started event Y… because event Z happened… (yes… complicated) The author of the novel literally plays with time and space. Between events, we skip a lot of fillers that would have not added any value to the story which I like because it creates questions and creates the sensation that one is starting a new story. Moreover, I like how the author utilices the magical device of “Deux ex Machina” (Komi) which without it, nothing would have been resolved (event X… and Z… mainly). I would have loved to know more about Komi. (no spoilers allowed)

Deux ex Machina was a devised used usually on the Greek dramas. This device was used when a situation that seemed unsolvable is resolved out of the blue by the device intervention. The intervention could also be new events, characters, under the sleeve abilities, or objects.

At some point, I came with the question if the main character is the herald of destruction? It seems that whenever he goes, there is destruction, death, and the immense chances of destruction, but happily and sadly never his…

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