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“It would be too easy to say that I feel invisible. Instead, I feel painfully visible, and entirely ignored.” ― David Levithan, Every Day

Every day, David Levithan, divers, love wins, movie adaptation, some day.

Tech Summary: Read from January 28, 2018, to February 1, 2018.

I read this book because the movie is coming, so I wanted to read it first! I am on top of the movies that are coming for books, at least for this year XD Last year… I was lost XD

Discovering one’s existence is as difficult as understanding someone else’s. Empathy seems to be so important and so much into oblivion. People are constantly thinking about their lives and not worrying about the others, and David Levithan impressed me again with the diverse speech style and his social perception of the world to the point of being in sync.

I love how, I am making a blind guess here, he pours his ideas and self in the book. How he attempts again to educate and to let people know that diversity exists, that humans like prejudice and that humans have more in common but we rather focus on the differences. I think Levithan takes this “be in someone else’s shoes” to another level but it might work. People find it really hard to think outside themselves. How difficult someone else’s life can be and how insensitive we might be is, again a guess, what Levithan was looking for in this title.

I find it a bit impossible for someone to fall in love for a being that has nobody, but she is no falling for the body, she is falling for the person, for the being, something purer than the looks. Isn’t love supposed to be like that? I started thinking… and wondering the what if we are just all inhabitants of a body? Aren’t we all just using a flesh vessel to define ourselves?

The book is quite good, easy going, fast, and entertaining. I believe the second title might be a bit repetitive or maybe Levithan will still impressed me with his writing skills and points of view. If I tell you something, I loved what he says on page 77 and 223. I hope you could get to read this book before the movie is out. I am positive the movie will be missing some good points here and there.

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let'em eat cake

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    1. Tell me about it! I have never ever come across a book like this before. I really like his way of thinking and idiology! I am not sure if I can see 2 more books happening without being redundant, but I do want to watch the movie too!!

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