“Money can’t buy you happiness, darling. Believe me, I’ve tried.” “But it affords your own brand of misery.” ― Blake Crouch, Good Behavior

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Tech Summary: Read from June 31, 2018, to Augusts 8, 2018.

Hello, my book royalist! This is the first installment of my Kindle Unlimited journey! I have read 3 of Blake Crouch books and I have one that I am planning on reading next year! This was such fun and misterious adventure! So let’s see how it went!

This title is also part of Kindle Unlimited, so if you are members of that subscription, you can totally get it free, and if you are not, you can sign up here!

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Blake Crouch has surprised me again which is work. Ironically, the title of this book is Good Behavior… But what we see on this three short stories is completely opposite to good behavior. These are stories are character-based or character-centered. All we cared about is Letty, who she is, why she does the things that she does, how she struggles, her traumas, and how all of those things shaped the amazing unreliable and incredible unrealistic character of the stories.

Blake Crouch talks about how he loved the idea of this incredible character and how he wrote these stories that allow us to see a glimpse of what this character is. People may not like the stories because they either don’t get anywhere or they don’t start anywhere. We get to see a few things from Letty, her story, and her background, but that is enough to understand the character; there is a reason why these three short stories ended up in a miniseries, and trust me if they were bad they would have to make it that far.

Sadly enough, you see how this character is able to replace an addiction with a different addiction. One addiction will for certain kill her but the only one will keep her safe from that addiction or get her immediately killed; however, the giant is bigger than the loss and ultimately she cannot deny who she actually is and how good she is on what she does. And that is human, and at the end, good behavior. Good enough, this story has a lot of Blake’s style of thriller driven and mysteries all over the plan.

I do recommend this short stories for a nice weekend of adrenaline and comfort. In addition, the narration of the story was great! The ebook is a Kindle in Motion book so it has images that move, which are from the TV series. Julia Whelan narrates Lerry’s adventures… or misadventures; while Blake Crouch narrates his notes and commentaries about the story and the TV series. This title is so interactive and real!

If you wish to get this title, I recommend to get it on Kindle. It is Kindle inMotion, so it has images and part of the TV show gifs!


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Good Behavior

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  1. Norrie Avatar

    After reading two of his books, i think i can safely say i love his style. Gonna check this one out. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Satou Johns Avatar

      Which of his books did you read? He is quite good and so far I have like them good enough! They are kind of profound sometimes haha on Kindle the book is cheap! Use the link there :3

      I still want to watch the mini series hehe


      1. Norrie Avatar

        I read Dark Matter and Wayward Pines 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Satou Johns Avatar

        Pines is so good! I really enjoyed it! And relate it to Darwinism makes even more fun xD

        Liked by 1 person

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