The Chain by Adrian McKinty ― “A true predator sometimes kills even when it isn’t hungry.”

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Isn’t this more of the same?

This was a comment that I gave a bookstagrammer and she simply flipped so hard, and imply that nobody was asking my opinion which was such a nice way for me to unfollow haha kudos for your Instagram engagement XD

Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed the book and thought that the synopsis and the idea for the book were clever and refreshing (I know that put together sounds odd and makes me want to ask for an appointment at the psychiatrist…) kidnapping? Oh yes! Kidnapping to save your kidnapped child?? Oh yes!! But… and here is the but!!

You will see that everybody will say that the book was incredible and that the third part, the resolution, dropped its beat and fell flat on its back. The resolution and the climax were such a Hollywood cliche for me… in the end the plot twist was “nice” but so predictable. A few seconds after the twist I felt let down, meh, and couldn’t come up with another word phrases besides “anticlimactic… seeing before, and flat…” when thinking about this book. There was a constant “pun” regarding all books supposed to finished by chapter 77 which was forced and an attempt to seem cool if you tell me.

The motherhood questioning, the power and binding strength of siblings and love. The deprived villain of love and caring drove to dig their own grave by the old classic hubris. Those were nice touches that seem nice and empowering for the novel…

The audio performance was incredible and I had fun with the many characters she was able to narrate through her performance. Overall it was a nice read, maybe not worth a credit and I can recommend this for people getting into thrillers but not for avid thriller lovers…

So, the kingdom’s council has given this book:

3 coronas

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heads will roll

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