Phil Stamper ― The Gravity of Us ― “I’m a planner. Plans can change, I’m cool with that, but not having a plan at all? It terrifies me.”

Phil Stamper’s debut novel comes with great surprises and such a modern turn and subject matter. The following review of the book “The Gravity of Us” is simply a reaction and the sharing of my experience with the audiobook and what I think in general about it. As the story moves into the incredible lives and possibilities for Cal and his parents, as well as the one of his neighbors and friends, the plot thickens with teenage drama and social media scandals that might threaten the lives of those around them. If you wish to buy this book at the end of this review, feel free to use the Book Depository link! or even get the audiobook from Audible!

The Gravity of Us is simple the story that all teenage boys or girls of a millennial age or even younger should read to understand that with hard work everything is possible. – Inkish Kingdoms

If this book does not resonate with this generation, I am not sure what will. Not only is this book dealing with typical topics of what comes next after school or even how to find one’s path, like any other coming of age story, but gives a modern approach on how to use social media to propel your life goals. As a master in Digital Marketing and Social Media, I can see modern topics that this generation can understand and aspire to be, from influential exposure to followers to managing one’s brand in the many endeavors of finding the perfect niche to where to develop and exploit one’s creativity.

The approach to sexuality is done without many details in the sense that it does not get vulgar, so stop asking if it is “clean” because young adults need to see themselves reflected in the work of authors. This makes them feel comprehended and help them see that they are not alone. These are a small oasis for those who need an escape from this highly censored society. Cal with all his intensity was a nice character that honestly annoyed me too much from time to time. His need to plan everything ahead of time- I see myself in that trait- and that everything all the time is about himself! -no comments there.

Leo and the rest of the characters are a nice add-on to the story as they move the plot towards the romance and the dramatic part; however, they are not as important or as develop as Cal. Do not get my rating personal or too seriously, I enjoyed the book but I didn’t find it to be mind-blowing or that relevant for the aspects of LGBTQIA, coming of age, or family struggles, but it was a nice and entertaining read. Honestly, my favorite part was all the videos, marketing, communication campaigns there were running and talking about.

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  1. Azia Avatar

    Interesting! I was debating adding this one to my TBR. I think I might even though it doesn’t seem to be the most ground-breaking YA Fiction out there. But I do like the idea of including marketing and social media to outline and achieve life goals. I’m glad it was an enjoyable read for you! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Satou Johns Avatar

      I mean is it not the game changer of the century in matters of gay stories… but it is fine haha Cal is super self centric but also the regular uptide gay character who has everything plan and has almost OCD… you know… the marketing part was what I loved so much! I am like OMG! I am so into this haha thank you very much for reading!!! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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