New to audiobooks? Try these 5 incredible stories to get you started!

Too much time in your hands? Then find your comfort reading chair and just listen to these audiobooks and Audible Original Stories!

My first time… was not a nice experience! My first time was messy and totally out of sync with me. It was so bad that I had to say “stop, I can’t do this anymore” and I had to delete that book from my app and look for another one! How atrocious that first audiobook experience was!

Please don’t think that the book was bad or boring or incredibly long (it was though incredibly long)! but for someone that was getting into the beautiful audiobook experience, my book pick couldn’t have been more off the mark! (How was your first time with an audiobook? Just wondering…)


Who else has suffered from “bad-book-pick-selection-syndrome”? Who else picked the wrong book to start getting into Audible? If you have never experienced this but are afraid to get into audiobooks, fear not! With everything that is going on

and with all of us enclaustrated in our houses, we need to find new ways of entertainment, so this is your moment to sign up for audiobooks and listen to your heart’s content!

#1: Evil Eye

A completely different kind of narration! It satisfies your needs of gossip and eavesdropping! Narrated through phone conversations, it gives you a first sit experience into the mysterious story of this family! Shorter than 2 hours, you will start listening to this book and you will not stop until the very end!


#2: Heads Will Roll (Review here)

You might say: again? Well… yes! Again! This story is simply so illogical, irreverent, and hilarious that it will make you laugh aloud at any place you are listening to! This story is just 4 hours, short enough to listen to it twice in a row! And since it is divided into chapters, you can listen to one hour each day if you wish to make this full cast, special effect experience lasts longer!


#3: One Man Guy (Review here)

With this title, we are jumping a little bit into the conventional type of narration, but it is short enough to dig into it and try something new or simply to try something that will make you laugh out of quirkiness and awkwardness! This title made me want to try so many things regarding food! Go to New York! And know more about a culture! Only 5 hours and it will be enough for you to crave for the second story!


#4: The Zeta Family!

This is my favorite type of audiobook! It is illogical, funny, absurd, but I simply cannot turn away from them! The Zeta Family is a cult that believes that we life in a world with multiple dimensions and multiple versions of ourselves; however, as all cults, they might have their secrets and a self entitled reporter called Katie is sure that she can buy her way into the cult to expose the story that will launch her career! Will she be able to get in? Or even more important… will she be able to get out?


#5: The Hellbound Heart! (Review here)

I remember that when I was listening to this book I jumped out of my chair! Because I was not expecting those special effects! Do you remember Pin Head? If you do, great! if not, stop reading, google it and then come back! Have you watched the movies? That whole franchise of movies was based on one single novel, and we have the chance to see the horrific origins of so many nightmares! Mysterious and terrific! Hellbound Heart is a must-read for all those who love horror movies, shows, and stories!


So Audible is not a matter of getting used to! It is a matter of knowing what you like and what will hook you from the beginning! It happens to all of us! We think it will be the same thing as listening to podcasts or watching YouTube videos, but no… because it is better! So don’t worry if you picked a 45-hour long title as your first pick, you can always try another and then go back to IT when you are ready 😉

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  1. nikkiswiftreads Avatar

    I’ve just started dipping my toes in audiobooks and it definitely is hit or miss for me. I find I can’t read anything too complicated like a fantasy novel with a huge history I have to learn because I end up having to rewind a lot, “Wait, what was that?”

    Though, perhaps that’s because I’m new to audiobooks. Also… I tend to fall asleep while listening to them. I think I have to be doing something while I listen!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Satou Johns Avatar

      Don’t listen to them at night or laying in be haha and yes, when starting it is almost impossible to dive into big books. What I did was listen to a few books that I had read already so 5hat I could follow the story better and then BAM! Haha what was your first audiobook??? 😀


  2. Ayunda Avatar

    I really love these short audios. I think they’re a great dip into different genres. When I first began my subscription I preferred the more investigational, interview nonfiction stuff rather than the stories, because I felt like the fiction ones ended too quickly for me to really get into the story or characters. Haven’t tried the ones you mentioned here, but I will definitely keep them in mind! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Satou Johns Avatar

      I love this ones for their comedy haha they make you laugh so bad hahaha the last one is more scary though haha i have tried the documentary ones and they are really good 😮

      Liked by 1 person

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