7 ebooks to read while waiting for your Amazon groceries to arrive!

Some people are not fully aware of the power of having a Prime Membership. Yes, you get to steam shows, get free shipping, music and much more, but what I like the most is that you can get ebooks and audiobooks from your Prime membership. They are lent books, just like Kindle Unlimited and the Audible Escape package, but you still get to read without spending much.

You might use other sites to buy your groceries or you might simply go to the supermarket, which I admire because I tend not to go out at all, but if you do, good for you! Just take care and use a mask. Under my experience when having Amazon Prime and taking advantage of some of its Prime Reads, I can recommend you 5 books that you will enjoy while you wait for your groceries to arrive! Let’s see which ones I would recommend.

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1# The Hunger Games

The new book is out and about! I cannot wait to get my copy but I must say that I could read this saga multiple times, which I have done. So, if you are all about dystopia or about YA, or if you have a son or a daughter a wife or a husband that likes the movies, why don’t you read for free? Don’t even go out… just 1 click and you are all good to go!

2# Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone

All the Harry Potter series is available on Prime Reading! You just need to have the membership and you can enjoy one of the favorite fantasy series of all times. Seven books of pure magic, wizards, mystery and action! 7 books that can turn your Friday nights with your children a whole adventure. There is nothing like listening to your parents read you a book. I read them a while back and I am so into getting to read them again!

3# 1984

Once the children are sleep, let’s get more deep… You know reading a social criticism of the power of surveillance and the big brother eye always staring at you. If you question how quarantine is a deprivation of your freedom, maybe George Orwell and broaden your world with this small book that you can get for free.

4# The Fellowship of the Ring

As Harry Potter, we have the whole series for The Lord of the Ring! If you love fantasy books but more into epic and high fantasy, maybe this is your chance to revise one of the best fantasy books ever written. Get your knowledge and your ground wet with the basic books of this genre, and you might even be able to watch the movies right after you finish each book.

5# Divergent

Veronica Roth’s magnum opus, because people keep on bashing all her new books which I have read, BUT, and this is a big one, Divergent is such an incredible and strong book! If you like The Hunger Games this is a mus to read! They compared these to The Hunger Games as the “new Katniss” but they cannot be more wrong! and if you wish to know why, you know… you can borrow the book for free.

6# The Color Purple

Alice Walker and her story “The Color Purple” is such a powerful and transcendental story! I mean the movie moved me deeply! Oprah and Whoopie’s work give so much life and strength to a story that is still relevant. This is a must-read and only for this title Prime Reading is worth my time.

7# The Sun and Her Flowers

Rupi Kaur became a New York Time Bestseller on her own! Did you know that she indie published her first book of poems? When there is talent, there is talent and we readers admire the hard work of people that manage to surpass and shine in a world where real and fair success is as rare as a blue moon! This is a perfect gift for someone, I gave them both to my boyfriend, and I can assure you this will be perfect to read while setting alone and reflecting on her powerful prose.

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So those are some of the many books that you can get with your Amazon Prime Reading benefit! There are other hundred books that you can pick and some of them included the audio companion, so what are you waiting for?

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7 ebooks to read while waiting for your Amazon groceries to arrive!

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