Should I read this book? A DNF Series feat Meet Cute Diary by Emery Lee

Inkish Kingdoms is a true believer that readers should read any book they want! We check the opinions of those bloggers and readers we follow. We believe in making informed decisions.

However, some places like GR won’t give you a reliable opinion on books based on their multiple flaws as a site. We believe in supporting the reading community and their blogs. That said, we come with this new series where we will answer some questions through our DNF (did not finish) books!

This series is looking to define if you should read a book or not based on a DNF perspective. So there aren’t any rating stars, just the reason why we did not finish the book and see if that helps you make an informed decision.

PS: This might contain spoilers.

Should I read Meet Cute Diary by Emery Lee?

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We read up to 37% of Meet Cute Diary, and we can be sure how it will end, so yes, we did not finish this book for its predictivity. 

We enjoy seeing representation and queer authors writing queer books for queer audiences and any who wants to read these cute and lovely stories! We are sure that many readers will see themselves in Noah and his struggles. 

So what went wrong?

Noah is a transgender boy who is unfairly forced to get a summer job because he had a budget for the month, but he spends it all in one week in Starbucks and Ubers/Lyfts looking for meet-cute stories for his famous Tumblr blog. (I hope you see the sarcasm here)

I have issues with that part because Noah is a spoiled brat. He has this fascination over Starbucks, and any other coffee sucks – don’t get me wrong, I like Starbucks, but they aren’t the best coffee… – Then who still uses Tumblr in 2021? That site is no longer part of anybody’s marketing strategy, which means that the amount of people that are active and still using that site is really low for the IG and TikTok standards… At least make their blogs on Medium…

To everyone who’s felt too mixed, too Black, too queer, or too trans to have a happily ever after— here’s your permission to make one for yourself.

Noah finds this hot new guy, Drew, one of his meet-cute stories inspiration who decides to fake date Noah with the purpose of “validating” his Tumblr blog that has been attacked for its fake stories, which are made up but never said so before, so the “troll” is right on attacking the blog. Then Noah gets a job in a summer camp, and the boy that will guide him does something to him that isn’t anything that bad to hate on him, but Noah hates him.

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I have issues with this because it is obvious that Drew only wants attention and Social Media exposure. Then it is so obvious that Noah will end up with the camp guy because:

  1. He buys him a Starbucks coffee…
  2. Noah will realize after Drew breaks his heart that camp-guy is the one for him since he knew him before he even knew him… you know what I mean?

And if you think that I am judging this book too soon, I am not because I even asked on Book Twitter if I was right, and they said that I was right…

Anyway, the story is cute but predictable. The signs are too on the nose, and if you miss them, nothing happens because you will still be gagged and thriller with the ending. 

Another thing that bothers me in books is when they become repetitive by using the same phrases or the same crutches. I didn’t like Simon vs The Homo Sapiens Agenda for the incessant mention of Harry Potter, and I didn’t like What if it’s us for the exact same reason! In this case, what drove me crazy was the constant usage of “I freeze” every time Noah was in shock.

I hope this helps to make any decisions whereas you should or not read this cute story. Remember that this is just an opinion out of the many out there! Support your authors! Support queer stories! Give them a voice and show them around, and if you agree with us, let us know!

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