5 best children’s books to get them thinking

The theme for this month’s article is “children and fairy tails” or at least we tried! Listening to stories is not mainly for adults when commuting or when trying to spicy up their working hours! 

Listening to audiobooks is the perfect way to make children pay attention, focus, and get into literature. We understand that not all books are good for children, so we did the work for you. Some of the following are good stories that your children can enjoy and learn from. However, we never shut down the opportunity to learn and listen ourselves, so just because they are for children, it does not mean that you cannot enjoy them!

Bridge to Terabithia by Katherine Paterson

A personal favorite! The author, after writing such a great novel, has received letters from fans and readers whose lives have been changed by the book. Learning how to deal with grief and cope with death is important. This novel teaches us how death is part of life, and it can hit us at any moment. 

The Golden Compass by Philip Pullman

Another favorite of mine, and quite controversial! The author Philip Pullman had some beef with C.S. Lewis. Although they didn’t cross paths as Lewis was way older than Philip, the author of The Golden Compass is known as the anti-Narnia because he described Lewis’s legacy as “bullying, hectoring and dishonest in all kinds of ways”.

The Golden Compass is everything Narnia isn’t and the other way around. Narnia has lots of allusions to the bible and is almost a retailing, whereas The Golden Compass does not have religion in a shrine.

The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis

Not much to say about this! Besides that, you have to read them and fight your battle whether you are #Narniateam or #TGCteam

Four siblings, a wardrobe, and an entity that comes to defy the king of everything, the creator, and the omnipotent being of Aslan is the perfect way to summarize these books.

A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle

Quite a nice way to get into astrophysics! Science and fantasy, darkness and light, fear and friendship, wormholes and wrinkles in time. The story became a classic of children’s literature and is beloved around the world. Turned into a movie, but the book is much more entertaining and intriguing.

The Giver by

Another favorite of mine for its incredible allusions and use of literary elements to cover deep concepts of emotions, knowledge, wisdom, let’s say “obedience” and doing what is right and following your convictions. Read this book with your children and be open to the possibilities and its general message.

Have you read any of this? Have you watched any of this? I have done so for many of these… I can’t complain, they are very deep, and you will be amazed at how many things a child can understand when you teach them how to read and be critical.

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