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Greg and Tyler have a secret from everybody. They are a couple. They know that their parents will disapprove of their relationship and their sexuality; therefore, Greg nor Tyler plans on telling them about it. However, their parents learn about their secret in a very violent and treacherous manner. In a series of evil-filled actions, Greg finds himself in danger, and sadly it comes from within the house. Will Greg’s and Tyler’s relationship be safe? And more importantly, will they ever be? 

In the current political climate and a cast full of terrible characters, Sins of our Sons portrays a reality where the world is against the LGBTQ community. Only Kristian Daniels could have written this story. The novel dwells in a depressing ambiance where Greg and Tyler are under constant attack and barely survive the nonstop barrage of homophobic aggression from their peers and parents. Driven by religious motives and archaic scientific methods, Daniels portrays the irrationality and hypocrisy of religious fanatics that preach love and tolerance with one hand while holding a rock in the other. 

In the same manner, Daniels’ straightforward writing style guides the reader in a shallow set of events to denounce the horrors part of the LGBTQ community faces daily. Although Daniels mainly tells the events, feelings, and the character’s reactions, we thirst for a more literary approach by showing instead of telling. Even though the novel cultivates emotions like frustration, impotence, and anger, Daniels accomplishes those without effort due to his skills when creating a set of characters with horrible traits, intentions, and personalities. Those characters whose sole purpose is to destroy Greg and Tyler ignited the right gears of aversion towards fanaticism and double standards. 

In a preoccupying series of triggers*, Kristian narrates multiple storylines that stay divorced from each other to the very end. While reading about Greg and Tyler, we experience another storyline about a foreign couple that exposes the reality of many people who live in the closet. The expectation of learning how the stories connect persists without culmination. Interestingly enough and contrary to the norm, Daniels tells two different stories that share the same struggles and denounce prejudice, blackmailing, and hypocrisy.

Hard to swallow and crude, Sins of our Sons burst the bubble of safety and reminds us that the fight for equity and equality is far from ending.

*Sins of our Sons come with multiple warnings and triggers from torture, conversion therapy, slut shaming, violence, murder, explicit sexual encounters between minors, and suicide.

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