Enemies to Lovers, 11 books that you should read right now!

We all have our obsessions and prefer things to read, do or play. We love them, yet we look for ways to diversify our reading! I read Red, White, and Royal Blue and couldn’t find something similar that feed my momentary obsession.

As a reader, who after loving a book looks for books similar to that one and falls into a rabbit hole of the same genres, has struggled to find similar books that made me feel similar things I felt before, so that is why I came up with this list. If you love the trope of enemies to lovers, then this is a list that will give you old favorites to probably those that you haven’t read before! So let’s go at it, and let me know which one is your favorite!

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

All book versions are different, so check your favorite!

This is pretty much the daddy of the “enemies to lovers” novels! Many have described Darcy’s coming to Lizzie as one of the best literary journeys that as a reader you will enjoy. As Sheldon Cooper said once, Lizzie is prejudiced and Darcy is pride.

This Is How You Lose the Time War by Amal El-Mohtar and Max Gladstone

An impossible to borrow a book from the library, but easy to get on any of the links below. A Twitter literary sensation that has people making a line to get it as soon as possible! Also, if you are a fan of sci-fi, this novel is simply perfect for you.

The Cruel Prince by Holly Black

There is no doubt that in this novel the two main characters are DEFINITELY enemies… and then lovers. If Pride and Prejudice is Daddy, The Cruel Prince is Mommy! Although some people said this is more bullies to lovers, aren’t we all enemies of our bullies? Also, this could be your awakening in this trope!

Ash Princess by Laura Sebastian

An underrated and almost never mentioned novel in this trope or the fantasy series forums, an all-time favorite for those that are looking for a new obsession!

A Rival Most Vial by R.K. Ashwick

An indie pick, for those that are looking for the less mainstream ones. This a perfect example of enemies to lovers, yet extremely and disgustingly sweet after the enemies turn into lovers.

Punk 57 by Penelope Douglas

Picking one of all her novels! The main characters embody hate for each other. They don’t hold back on their distaste and hate for each other and from the things they said to each other and do, one would think it is impossible for them to ever become lovers, but Penelope makes the impossible, and tricks them into each other! Also, if you like dark romance, this is for you.

Prince of the Sorrows by Kellen Graves

Maybe this is not one of those too-obvious enemies to lovers, but Graves creates beautiful characters with a skill never seen before. People have considered this one of the most beautifully written books they have read so far this year!

Below (North) by Alexandria Warwick

We love underrated and underground nobles! Warwick writes these characters and stories in a full loop, enemies to friends to lovers! The perfect story for those still rooting for an enemy or friend or enemy to a friend to fall for them! As a mega plus, this novel has LGBTQ+ and disabilities representation.

The Bridge Kingdom by Danielle L. Jensen

A warrior princess has trained all her life to assassinate the king of a nearby country, but the twist is that they have an arranged marriage. Again, as all enemies do, they hate each other and their countries have been at war for decades.

The Devil You Know by Elizabeth O’Roark

A contemporary novel of two lawyers that despise one another, but as destiny has it written, they have to work together on a joint case. The novel has some spicy scene between the co-workers, that HR know nothing about, and the best part? They still hate each other while having hot, sweaty sex… Hate sex!

Captive Prince by CS Pacat

Now that we are into spicy, let’s add male-to-male spicy. Be aware that this novel is about a sex slave. When you start reading this novel, you keep yelling to yourself: there is no way, there is no way!! But with slow passion, yet full of tension, there is a way!

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