I am the marketing strategies, content editor, and founder of the Inkish Kingdom Emporium. I embrace diversity of all kinds since I believe that our differences make us stronger and not weaker.

Through reading and listening, I am sure that we can get to know more about others and their culture. I am a stronger believer that having conversations and discussions about literature, their meaning, and their power paves the path to change.

I am a Goodreads enthusiast, compulsive book reader, social media addict, and an advocate of the reading and listening habit.

“It was like looking at the sun and not going blind”

John Corey Whaley.
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Caesar H

Majored in International Affairs, specialized in International Politics. I am the Creative, Content, Style & Design Director and Editor of the Inkish Kingdoms Emporium. In my official busy time I’m fully dedicated to Adult Learning.

Lover of Alice in Wonderland and every text written by Carol Lewis. Right now entered a poetry stage where can easily finish a poetry book but I struggle with novels.

Poetry writer and avid poetry consumer. Literature and politics blogger. Poliglot on the way where Spanish, English, French and soon German will drive my brain crazy every day.

Definitively a fan of good books and a good cup of English tea, with milk and two cubes of sugar. “Amor Vincit Omnia” (Love defeats all) is my mantra.

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