12 book club questions for Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury

If you are like us, something we read during high school but didn’t appreciate the power of book, or we were too young to understand the message of a novel like Fahrenheit 451. Remember that books are living creatures and every time we read them, they have a different message we missed and our live experiences help us understand how poignant they can be.

However, Inkish Kingdoms is the best site on the internet that will help you navigate the waters of good literature! Nobody needs help enjoying a book that was written with the purpose of entertaining, but we need help seeing why and how books can change our lives. We have all these answers for this book club questions, but if you are not running a book club, you can still get more for your books by checking them out! Go to our Ko-Fi subscription for the answers to understand better your favorite reads.

With these questions, we will help you see this novel with fresh new eyes, see how social media might be the new fireman and how we are sliding slowly into this dystopian reality. These questions will help you read this novel at a level that only avid readers and critical thinkers can reach!

If you need inspiration for another book club or other books to read, check out our book club section or our book review section for more curated titles! Also, we have tips on how to drive your book clubs and make them a success!

Ice breaking question

  1. Are there any similarities between banning and burning books? Or their end goal is the same?

Into the deep of the novel

  1. At the beginning of the novel, Clarisse says “17 and insane, they go together.“. Does Clarisse mean that the younger ones are usually the ones that fight back, the ones that questioned the status QUO? 
  2.  Clarrise also says “You never stop to think what I have asked you.” How many people are living under indoctrination and don’t question what goes about or life itself?
  3. In the novel, they mentioned that the cases of suicides have gone up, why?
  4. Why is happiness a trigger of action in the novel?
  5. Manipulation is a strong theme in the novel, what makes people so manipulative?
  6.  The captain says “Make them feel that they are thinking by overwhelming them and giving them no important information.” Isn’t this what people are doing right now with social media.? 

Literary questions

  1. What does the phrase “A book is a loaded gun in the house next door…Who knows who might be the target of the well-read man?” mean?
  2. Why is Mildred building walls in the house? 
  3. Why is the fire engine described as a dragon?
  4. What does fire symbolize in the novel?
  5. The firemen are symbols of what?

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